EAZYBBQ is the easiest, healthiest and most natural way to barbecue

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We believe that the most important thing is to enjoy the present moment, to enjoy it with your loved ones and of course to do it in the simplest, most natural and effortless way.

Don’t waste time, enjoy it!

  • Unique on the market

    EAZYBBQ products offer the only all-natural self-ignition system on the market. They preserve all the flavour of cooked foods. EAZYBBQ is easy to use, clean, environmentally friendly and contains no chemicals.

  • 100% Ecological

    EAZYBBQ products are manufactured only with recycled cardboard and natural fuel from natural oak. We use environmentally friendly printing inks to respect the environment.

    100% Ecological

  • Advantages of EAZYBBQ

    One of the main advantages of EAZYBBQ is that you just have to light the box from below, wait 20 minutes to get a perfect ember and your barbecue will be ready to cook your favourite dishes.

Discover the magic of EAZYBBQ

It will change the way you prepare your barbecues! Click on the video and discover the EAZYBBQ spot. No one has ever made your job so easy. A revolutionary product, clean, easy to use, economical and 100% ecological. You would never have imagined that preparing your barbecues could be so cheap.

Range of Products

Do you hate the bad taste that firelighters give to your food? You will never have this problem with the natural ignition system of EAZYBBQ products!

Simply light the integrated wick at the bottom in the centre of the box and let the natural chimney principle work, which will allow the charcoal to reach the cooking temperature in about 20 minutes. PREMIUM QUALITY NATURAL VEGETABLE CHARCOAL keeps the heat of cooking for hours and gives a delicious taste to the food.

Natural Instant Lighting Charcoal

Natural Disposable Barbecue

Natural Reusable BBQ

All Natural Flavour


Charcoal BIO Bags